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I left FRHS in 1965 to become Chairman of the English Department at New Utrecht High School. Then I transferred to Martin Van Buren H.S. in '69 and stayed there till '82. For a year during that time I was Acting Principal. During those HS teaching days I also taught part time at Queensboro Community College and City College.

In 1982 I retired and with Dorothy, my wife, (a graduate of Far Rockaway High School, June 1947) and went to teach at Nihon University in Japan. Dorothy had been an English teacher at Deer Park H.S. on Long Island from 1967 until 1982, and she also taught at Nihon University during the ten years from 1982 to 1992 that we lived in Mishima, Japan.

When we left Japan in '92 we came to live in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City in order to ski six months a year. During our stay in Japan, because of their university class schedule, we were able to ski all of February and March in Europe or Japan or Utah every year, and, of course, we had done lots of skiing back East before 1982. We both became certified ski instructors soon after our arrival in Utah.

Also, in addition to our ski teaching, we run a training and editing and rewriting program for a large Japanese company. To my amazement, I have not stopped teaching. We both feel pretty well.

I can be reached at Arthur@traiger.net

If you have any comments, please e-mail me, Skip Weinstock, at rockaway@astound.net

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