Do You Remember Tuckee Cup?

Dear Skip,

My relatives owned the Tuckee Cup on 34th and one cousin who worked there in the 60's remembers all the fun he had after work, playing at Fascination, Skee-ball and that pizza joint next door.  I was there in the 50's and it was a 2 fare subway ride for us from Manhattan.

Does anyone have any shots of the Tuckee Cup?  We as kids were always amused at the editing of the sign when we returned every summer!  Mr. Tuck Yee Lee, the owner, ran a big prepackaged chop suey/chow mein factory in NYC's West Village for years and they ran Tuckee Cup before their kids took over.  If anyone has any photos of the Tuckee Cup please let me know.

My cousin and I (he's in France) were on a nostalgia trip after I stumbled on your great webpages!  Great site!


Richard Young      Email Adderss:
New York City

Dear Richard,

Thanks for your note and kind words about the Rockaway website.  I wish I could tell you that I had photos of the Tuckee Cup but unfortunately, like most of us, I thought the Rockaway of the 50' and 60' would always be there!  Thanks to Mark Beckerman and his great boardwalk photos located at we have some visual evidence that it wasn't all a dream.



I lived on Dwight Avenue right in back of FRHS from 1966-1976 and spent many summer evenings at the boardwalk near where Jerry's knish shop was located, and near where the Chinese takeaway was.  I always referred to it as Lee's Takee Cup, and my sister remembers it that way, as well.  In two recent articles in The New York Times, and, I believe, in comments posted to your FRHS website, it has been referred to as Lee's "Tuckee" Cup.  Does anybody else remember it as "Takee"?

Wendy Safran     Email Address:

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